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Gaby's staff are accomplished and enthusiastic photographers specializing in professional headshots, graduation photos, family and holiday portraits, as well as, weddings and events.

Graduation Photos

You have put in the hard work and now it is time to CELEBRATE! Our photoshoots are not just about the end result, but the experience. We want to collaborate and design a session that not only captures this special moment, but your personality. We offer both studio, as well as, location photography. We are not just photographers, but content creators that love to produce much more than just photos. We love movement and capturing those perfect boomerang or gif moments. Have an idea in mind? We would love to collaborate with you to create that “viral” moment. Our exceptional portraiture can easily be complimented with our exclusive graduation cards and photo gifts alike.

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Graduation Photos Gallery

Family Photos

Gaby and her staff lend their expertise to each portrait session by positioning you and your family to capture family images with dramatic lighting and posing that presents the best aesthetic possible. Let our finishing artists enhance and complete each image with gentle, yet impeccable detailing to produce the kindest interpretations of your family's expressions, character and personality. Our exceptional portraiture can easily be complimented by our exclusive custom greeting cards, photo gifts, and great personal artwork for your home or office.

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Professional Headshots

Individual Headshots

A professionally-crafted business portrait is a valuable marketing tool that enables your clients to connect with you. In order to create that connection we like to take traditional headshots and add a little “spice.” Your headshot should not only represent what you look like, but also your personality.  Our goal is to create an eased photoshoot that leaves you feeling confident while conveying your credibility as a professional.  

Team Headshots

Working together we can help you and your team create the perfect aesthetic. We want each photoshoot to be a blend of your unique team and brand identity. Our versatile studio space is designed to allow your imagination to run free while still remaining within budget. With several backgrounds to choose from we can create versatile looks that allow your team to stand out.  

Our photography sessions produce stunning profiles for your business with prices starting at just $99. Call 714.525.3233 to book your appointment today.

Wedding & Special Events

We understand that finding the perfect event photographer to capture the essence of your occasion is paramount. Fullerton Photo offers a unique approach to capturing your wedding or special occasion. By emphasizing candid pictures, our photographers capture the most important highlights of your event, including the moments shared throughout your special day that are often excluded from traditional formats.

Combining creative intuition with classical documentary-style photography, we provide thorough and exquisite coverage of your special occasion at a great value.

From beginning to end, your event is captured with the utmost care and personal attention.

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