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Movie Film Transfers

It's time to take all of those old reels out of the attic and see what's on them! Let us make high-quality DVDs out of your 8mm and 16mm movie film.

Video Tape to DVD

We can make additional copies of your VHS cassettes and DVDs, or transfer your VHS cassettes to DVD. We can also transfer Hi8, MiniDV and DVCam cassettes to DVD.


We'll help you make a spectacular movie to tell your story! Complete with title slides, music and image transitions. Customers can choose to have the movie loop for repeated play unattended. We recommend no less than 50 images for optimum viewing enjoyment, with a max of 500.


Media Transfers Fullerton Photography
You may submit digital fies to us via a cd or flash drive. If images need to be in a specific order, each file will need to be renamed starting with 001. If turning in photos, an additional fee will apply for scanning/digitizing those images.


Customer supplied music is preferred and must be on DVD of MP-3 files. Submit up to 9 minutes of music, typically 2 songs, per 100 images.


Text may appear at the beginning and end of the movie but is not required.
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Premium Slideshow (up to 100 images)
Premium Slideshow (101 - 250 images)
Premium Slideshow (251 - 350 images)
Each additional image over 350
$1.00 per slide
Music (customer provided)
Up to 5 songs included
Master DVD or USB
Have questions? Call us at 714.525.3233 We'll be glad to help!

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